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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sign up just one year level?

No. Career Central integrates with your school management system which imports data from all students at your school. This means Career Central cannot link with specific year levels only. You may however choose to implement the Career Central platform with only a specific group of students but the annual price will not change.

Can all school staff access Career Central?

Access to Career Central for non-careers staff is given by the Careers Department on an individual basis.

I see there is a high level of support available. Does this include school visits?

All online, email and phone support is free and readily available. However, there will be a fee for school visits to cover travel and time costs.

What School Management System does Career Central work with?

Currently, Career Central works with KAMAR and PCSchool. However, if your school works with another School Management System please let us know as we may be looking to work with other systems soon.

Do I have to pay for updates?

No, all updates are automatic and free of charge. This means you always experience the best version of Career Central without any interruption.

What if I sign up mid-way through the school year?

No problem, Career Central's annual subscription cost will adjust to how many school terms are left in the school year. An annual subscription will be charged for the full year thereafter.