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What is Career Central?

Career Central is transforming the way career education is delivered in New Zealand, empowering schools and career educators to better guide New Zealand students.

Career Central gives Career Education the power of the Digital Age

Improves efficiency and saves time.

  • Streamlines administrative tasks.
  • Organises and stores student data into one place.
  • Generates reports and lists with just a click (14% of Year 12 students are interested in jobs within the Trades Industry).
  • Collect destination data and communicate with past students.

Encourages School-wide Participation in Career Education.

  • Offers 24/7 online access on any device by parents, students, teachers and careers advisors. 
  • Provides information to empower non-careers staff and parents to have career conversations with students.
  • Connects to your SMS so all students are in the system and engagement can be monitored.

Enables delivery of Personalised Career Planning.

  • Differentiated self reflection modules for each year level.
  • Staff dashboard allows career educators to view and monitor individual career plans.
  • Easily groups similar students by year levels, career interests and future intentions enabling targeted communication.
  • Targeted communication ensures no student misses out on relevant opportunities or receives irrelevant information.

Career Central has transformed the way career education is delivered to over 100,000 New Zealand students to date.

How it Works

Step 1

Ask Questions

Students log into Career Central to complete modules based around the career management competencies of Self-Awareness, Opportunity Awareness and Deciding and Acting. Schools can add or remove modules to suit student year levels and students can update their responses in the modules any time should their answers change.

Step 2

See Answers

Career Central organises all student responses from completed modules into the staff dashboard in real time. Careers Advisors and teachers are able to see student responses at both an individual and group level to personalise plans as well as identify patterns and commonalities.

Step 3

Manage Pathways

Using student responses and Career Central’s many features, career pathways can be managed by both students and careers advisors. Career Central also empowers non-careers staff and parents so career planning can be done in class, and at home as well.

Why Choose Career Central?

Customisable to suit your specific school and student requirements.

Built like common computer programs making it intuitive to use.

Ongoing, unlimited phone and email support. School visits by arrangement.

Designed and built by NZ Career Advisors for NZ Schools.

Case Study

Matamata College

Matamata College has a special relationship with Career Central, being the first school to trial the product, and the school that has guided the initial development of the system from day one.  This has seen Matamata College embrace new features of Career Central, which has seen the transformation of traditional careers education at Matamata College.


  • Enabled school-wide education through 24/7 online access through staff and student portals.
  • Students now develop career plans outside of the careers department, and staff are empowered to discuss careers education with students in their classrooms.
  • Transformed communication from a ‘scatter-gun’ approach to personalised and targeted ensuring no one misses out on relevant opportunities or receives irrelevant information.


Paul Wilson

St.Pauls’ Collegiate

“Allows me to centralise information – type interview notes that all staff can access easily”

Lucy Rogers

Sancta Maria College

“Students are most positive about the program. They find it straightforward and easy to navigate. It encourages students to take ownership of career planning.”

Vicky Campbell

Craighead DIO

“Career Central is comprehensive without being overly complex. There is excellent support. The response rate is very quick and always positive.”

Elizabeth van den Berg

Otamatea High School

“The fact that academic counsellors and whanau teachers can see the information also gives a wider acknowledgement of career education.”

Every student deserves school-wide, personalised career education.