Teacher Portal

Non-careers staff login to the staff portal and are empowered to have career conversations so career planning can take place in class.

Get involved in taking career education school-wide. 

The features that non-careers staff can access depend on the access level given to them by the careers advisor.

Record and view student interview notes in your student’s profile. 

  • This keeps both non-careers staff and career advisors in the loop with student interests and career plans. 

View student responses from completed modules. 

Use for academic and career conferencing from the staff dashboard.

Student modules include:

  • Identifying personal qualities, interests, careers values and skills.
  • Indicating intentions for the following year, including subjects they are considering or tertiary education.
  • Indicating interest in other programs including gateway, taster courses, and trade academies.
  • Setting personal, education and careers goals.

Search for and view similar groups of students. 

  • This enables targeted, personalised communication.
  • Easily identify group patterns and commonalities.

For example, search for all Year 12 students that are interested in a trades career, and that represents 14% of total Year 12 students. 

Students are most positive about the program. They find it straight forward and easy to navigate. It encourages students to take ownership of career planning.
Lucy Rogers

Sancta Maria College

The fact that academic counsellers and whanau teachers can see the information also gives a wider acknowledgement of career education.
Elizabeth van den berg

Otamatea High School

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