Running a software company from a small town

by | July 8, 2018

We often get asked what it is like running Career Central from small town – Matamata, NZ (the home of Hobbiton!).

The short answer is – we love it!  Developing Career Central in Matamata has meant that our team has been able to have local input into the company (providing localised guidance from strong relationships with local schools), combined with the benefits of being within 2 hours of major cities throughout New Zealand (Auckland / Tauranga / Hamilton), plus only a one hour flight to 80% of our customers.

Being in Matamata has meant our team has a fun, balanced lifestyle, meaning that travel times to work are short, and no one has the ‘big city’ stress or expensive house prices.   The result of this is that we can achieve great productivity and output, almost every day at work (except for Golf days!).

We have had some challenges being in a small town such as the fact that Matamata isn’t scheduled for ultra fast fibre until 2020 (which means our internet drops out occasionally on our normal internet), and that for some reason in Matamata the power goes out all of the time (in the past 8 months during business days, 10 times!).  These basic infrastructure issues cause frustration and on bad occasions – can cause our company financial loss (we lost internet for 18 hours in Feb. this year).

Growing our team to date hasn’t been too challenging, and small towns close to lifestyle destinations can attract staff.  Our biggest challenges have been the fact that the town seems to have no rental properties (for younger staff), and that house prices seem to be rising close to big city house prices.



About the author Tim Hampton

Tim Hampton is a director at Career Central, and oversees development operations and day to day operation of the company.