In Demand Jobs – NZ Employment Picks for 2021

by | March 4, 2021

In a recent NZ Herald Premium article (published January 11th 2021) Kirsty Wynn spoke to the experts about where the in demand jobs will be in the pandemic-altered future. Below is a summary of their in demand employment picks for 2021:

In Demand Jobs NZ 2021

  • Health especially Nursing – “There is an absolute shortage of nurses, you get to help people and it’s a job where you can move around.”
  • Agriculture especially Dairy – “There are jobs available across New Zealand’s entire rural sector with more than 750 advertised in dairy alone.”
  • E commerce – “This year will see further demand for web-designers, IT technicians, digital marketing and workers with technical skills.”
  • Online learning and EdTech – “With schools and educational facilities thrown into lockdown it’s a digital transformation; it’ll be the usual in demand jobs in STEM careers – the software engineers, digital marketers, data scientists.”
  • Creative tech – “When 5G becomes more successful there is going to be huge growth in creative tech, and, the film industry is crying out for production assistants, runners, and assistant directors.”

  • Transport and logistics – “The flow-on effect from the growth in e-commerce means more demand for transport and logistics.”
  • Trades – “Builders, plumbers and electricians are doing well and will be in demand in 2021, especially with the popularity of renovation.”
  • Engineering and construction – “There are so many construction and infrastructure projects going on, and these create jobs across the board.”
  • Call centre and customer support – “E-commerce growth and people working from home has added to the growth of contact centre roles.”

Source: The top jobs to emerge from the pandemic, NZ Herald, 11.01.21

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