How schools use Career Central:

Career Central has transformed the way Careers Education has been delivered to over 100,000 students to date.

A differentiated programme

Career Central offers schools the ability to differentiate the programme for different year levels. This means that year 9’s will see pages/modules relevant to them and as they move through to year 13 more and more pages can become visible. Schools also have the ability to customise what appears on each page which not only allows for differentiation based on age but also for taylored customisation to suit your school culture.

Each year students update the information they have already added to their profiles and there are 1 or 2 new pages visible to them. As they become seniors they are shown pages such as, CV builder, Course finder, Employability skills assessment, job exploration and more.

School wide career education

Every school is unique, however the list below shows some of the times when schools make time for students to create and update their Career Central profiles.

  • Social Studies (Year 9 & 10)
  • English & Health Class (or any compulsory classes)
  • Group/form/whanau time
  • Study periods
  • Year 12/13 camp
  • Career Counselling (some schools require students to complete their profile before a careers interview)
  • Academic Mentoring/conferencing
  • Activity days for juniors (often held after the seniors leave)

Career Central empowers non-careers staff to have career discussions with students or to access information about the students intentions for academic conferencing.

Continuity after Careers staff changes

When staff change at a school it is easy for information and knowledge to become lost. Career Central provides a place for all career related information to be stored. This means new staff can pick up where the previous person left off.

Student career profiles provide information about students interest and intentions and how they have changed over the years. Having this informaiton at your fingertips makes it easier to build a relationship with students and means you have a starting point for career and academic discussions.

Career Centrals connection to CareersNZ and Study Spy also means you have up to date job and course information at your finger tips.

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Allows me to centralise information – type interview notes that all staff can access easily. 

Paul Wilson

St.Pauls’ collegiate

Career Central is comprehensive without being overly complex. There is excellent support. The response rate is very quick and always positive.

Vicky Campbell

Craighead DIO

Students are most positive about the program. They find it straight forward and easy to navigate. It encourages students to take ownership of career planning.

Lucy Rogers

Sancta Maria College

The fact that academic counsellors and whanau teachers can see the information also gives a wider acknowledgement of career education.

Elizabeth van den Berg

Otamatea High School

Every student deserves school-wide, personalised career education.