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1. Set Modules

Students log in to Career Central and complete modules which are based around the Career Management Competencies of Self-Awareness, Opportunity-Awareness, and Deciding and Acting. Schools can add or remove modules to suit student year levels and students can update their responses in the modules anytime should their answers change.

Student Dashboard

2. See Responses

Career Central organises all student responses from completed modules into the staff dashboard in real time. Careers Advisers, and teachers are able to see student responses at both an individual and group level to personalise plans as well as identify patterns and commonalities.

3. Manage Pathways

Using student responses and Career Central’s many features, career pathways can be managed. Career Central also empowers non-careers staff and parents to have career conversations so career planning can be done in class, and at home as well.

Why Choose Career Central?


Powered by CareersNZ to ensure a current occupational database.


The system automatically updates and upgrades without any interruption.


Backs up and protects student data from secure New Zealand servers.


Integrates with KAMAR & PCSchool to automatically import student data.



  • Identify personal qualities, interests, career values and skills.
  • Browse, research and store jobs that they think will suit them.
  • Indicate intentions for the following year, including subjects they are considering or tertiary education.
  • Indicate interest in other programs (e.g gateway, taster courses, and trade academies.)
  • Create a CV.
  • View their interview notes.
  • Message the Careers Advisor, book an interview, or make a request (e.g a reference for a job).
  • Explore resources and opportunities such as event invitations, relevant notices and links to useful websites for further information.
  • Set personal, education, and careers goals.

With these features, students can take ownership of their career plan.

Non-careers staff: 

  • Record student interview notes in the student’s individual profile.
  • View each student’s individual responses from completed modules for academic and career conferencing from the staff dashboard.
  • Search for and view similar groups of students to enable targeted, personalised communication and identify group commonalities. For example, year 13 students interested in trades.

Non-careers staff log in to the staff portal and are empowered to have career conversations so career planning can take place in class. *The features that non-careers staff can access depend on the access level given to them by the careers advisor.


  • View student interview notes in the student’s individual profile.
  • View their child’s responses from completed Career Central modules.
  • Contact the Careers Department.
  • Learn about the role of parents in career planning.
  • Due to anytime, anywhere access from any device, students are able to complete modules at home, with guidance from their parents.

Parents log in to the parent portal and are empowered to have career conversations so career planning can take place at home.

Careers Advisors Can: 

  • Record student interview notes in the student’s individual profile.
  • Assign tasks to students.
  • View each student’s individual responses from completed modules for deeper understanding and personalised career planning from the staff dashboard.
  • Quickly search for and view similar groups of students to enable targeted, personalised communication and identify group commonalities. For example, students in Year 12 who are interested in attending the University of Waikato.
  • Message individual groups of students via email and/or text.
  • Advertise careers events, work opportunities, and other relevant notices.
  • Easily create reports to sent to parents, HOD, principals and BOT.
  • Stay in contact with past students.

With these features, careers advisors can manage student career pathways.

Join New Zealand’s leading online platform for student career pathway management. Partnered with:

Transform in Under 7 Days

Day 1:

Fill out sign up form (4 mins)

  • You will receive a confirmation/welcome email from us.
  • We will get in touch with your schools IT contact to organise integration with your school management system – KAMAR or PCSchool. This is a 15 minute job for your IT person.

*Time frame in indicative only and is subject to each applicant’s individual pace.

Day 2-3:

Get Connected

  • All student data needed for a student Career Central profile will import from your school management system to Career Central over 1 – 2 days. Without you having to lift a finger!
  • We will send you a contract outlining payment terms for you to sign and send back. Once we have received the signed contract we will send you an invoice for the price. of our system for the remainder of the calendar year.
Day 4-6:

Get set up and make it yours

  • You will receive a standard version of Career Central and can customise each page should you have specific school and student requirements.
  • We will send you instructions on how to use Career Central including how to to set different access rights for your staff and customise the platform to suit you.
  • Should you have any questions simply open a support ticket or give us a call. Our team are proud to offer a quick response to all queries.
Day 6-7:

Transform your department

  • You can now get your students to log in to career Central and begin their profiles.
  • You’ve now transformed Career Education at your school with Career Central – improves career department efficiency, encourages school-wide participation and enables the delivery of personalised guidance.


Allows me to centralise information – type interview notes that all staff can access easily. 
Paul Wilson

St.Pauls’ collegiate

Career Central is comprehensive without being overly complex. There is excellent support. The response rate is very quick and always positive.
Vicky Campbell

Craighead DIO

Students are most positive about the program. They find it straight forward and easy to navigate. It encourages students to take ownership of career planning.
Lucy Rogers

Sancta Maria College

The fact that academic counsellors and whanau teachers can see the information also gives a wider acknowledgement of career education.
Elizabeth van den Berg

Otamatea High School

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sign up just one year level?

No. Career Central integrates with your school management system which imports data from all students at your school. This means Career Central cannot link with specific year levels only. You may however choose to implement the Career Central platform with only a specific group of students but the annual price will not change.

Can all school staff access Career Central?

Access to Career Central for non-careers staff is given by the Careers Department on an individual basis.

I see there is a high level of support available. Does this include school visits?

All online, email and phone support is free and readily available. However, there will be a fee for school visits to cover travel and time costs.

What School Management System does Career Central work with?

Currently, Career Central works with KAMAR and PCSchool. However, if your school works with another School Management System please let us know as we may be looking to work with other systems soon.

Do I have to pay for updates?

No, all updates are automatic and free of charge. This means you always experience the best version of Career Central without any interruption.

What if I sign up mid-way through the school year?

No problem, Career Central's annual subscription cost will adjust to how many school terms are left in the school year. An annual subscription will be charged for the full year thereafter.

Subscription Price:


All prices exclude GST.

Text Messaging is an additional cost. Messaging is charged at 16 cents per text.

All phone/skype and online support is free, however if you would like us to visit your school for one on one training or staff presentations we charge as follows:

  • Trainer : $85 per hour 
  • Flights: at cost (where applicable)
  • Rental Car: $140 per day (when applicable)
  • Vehicle Travel: 95c per km (when applicable)
  • Overnight: $180 per night (covers motel plus trainer allowance)

Career Central is based in Mount Maunganui

Funding tips:

  • Worried about funding? Because Career Central is a technology that can be used school-wide, funding can be applied for under your school’s IT budget.
  • You’re sold but need to convince someone else? The Career Central team may be able to meet your principal/HOD/BOT to discuss and can provide resources to support your funding application.
  • Joining mid-way through calendar year? No problem, pricing will be adjusted per term.

Sign up now and you can be using Career Central in just 7 days!

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